Sarajevo City Hall still hasn’t been “returned” to citizens of Sarajevo  

Ivo KomsicAt today’s CIty Council meeting, the Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivo Komsic, at the insistence of councilwoman Edina Laif, informed the councilors that all misunderstanding have been resolved and the Town Hall (Vijećnica) will be officialy opened on May 9th.

(Fena, 23.04.2014.)

“We are returning the Town hall to the citizens of Sarajevo. It’s a little known fact that the Town hall was bult by donations of these citizens over a century ago”, said the Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivo Komsic.

(Al Jazeera, 09.05.2014.)

The doors of renewed Sarajevo City Hall will be opened for all citizens and guest of Sarajevo by Sarajevo City Government, starting from Wednesday, May 14th, from 11 AM to 3 PM.

(, 12.05.2014.)

Two months have passed since the deadline given by Sarajevo’s city administration, and those who want to visit the renewed building of former Sarajevo City Hall still cannot do it. The City Hall has been opened for visitors only once since the opening ceremony held on May 9th – on June 28th, for the “celebration” of centenary of the start of World War I, for the performance of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. But, after this “second opening”, the City Hall remained closed for visitors.

City Administration has, after it announced that the City Hall will be open for visitors from May 14th, sent out a press release just a day before this deadline, stating that the building will remain closed until further notice.

Without going into details of dispute between CIty Administration of Sarajevo and the Delegation of EU in BiH, who financed the renewal of City Hall, we can conclude that the promise given by Komsic and his administration was not fulfilled.


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