Džonlagić: We backed off – when we were kicked out

mirsad dzonlagic“When we were given the opportunity, we delivered everything we promised. The moment we felt that we were not fulfilling the promises and obligations that we undertook in front of this nation, we backed off”, SBB’s Mirsad Džonlagić said during an election debate in BHT 1 on Sep. 22nd.


When participating in the BHT 1 election debate on Sep, 22nd, the SBB representative in the Federal Parliament and this year’s candidate of his party for the BiH Parliament House of Representatives, Mirsad Džonlagić, said that his party withdrew from the ruling coalition at the state level when they could no longer fulfill their obligations towards citizens. However, if we look at developments in the Parliament and in the Council of Ministers after the protests in February, we can see that this statement is untrue.

To be more specific, the initiative for the dismissal of Fahrudin Radončić was proposed by the SDA Club of the House of Representatives of BiH Parliamentary Assembly. The SDA deputies believed that the security minister from SBB, Fahrudin Radončić, hasn’t done everything to protect property and citizens during demonstrations across the country. His dismissal was voted in mid-March 2014 in the House of Representatives and the House of Peoples had confirmed it in late April.

In addition, during the BHT debate,Džonlagićsaidthat hisparty, whilethey had the chance, dideverything they couldto fulfilltheirpromises. If welook at the resultsof monitoringof the fulfillmentof electoral promises, recently publish by Istinomjer, we can see that theyfulfilledonlyfourpromisesout ofa total of 153 that were given by this party for the2010 election. This is certainly notthe result to show off with, and withouta doubt, it isveryfar from”the fulfillment of all tshatwas promised”.

Therefore it can be concluded that theclaims ofMirsadDžonlagićare absolutelyuntrue,both in termsof the way theSBBwas withdrawn frompowerat the state level, but also in termsof fulfillingcampaign promisesfrom2010.


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