For now, you know, nothing of the Law on the Prevention of Illegal Employment

Fadil-NovalicAlthough the FBiH Prime Minister in the Federal TV show “Fair” optimistic and firmly announced that the FBiH Government will soon consider the law on the prevention of undeclared work, this act is still not on the agenda of session of the FBiH Government.

The Prime Minister of the Federation, Fadil Novalić, 50 days after his appointment to this position, spoke about the work of the FBiH government in the TV show “Pošteno”, broadcasted  on FTV on May 25th. On this occasion the Prime Minister spoke primarily about the crisis that has shaken the Government of FBiH in conjunction with the appointment of supervisory boards in companies with state capital.  Following the show, the premier focused on social reforms that his government intends to implement, especially on the draft new Labour Code and the new Law on Prevention of Undeclared Work.

On that occasion, Novalić said: “At one of the next two or three government sessions, you know, that the law, you know, against, you know, prevention of undeclared work, you know, with particular abolition reward, you know, for those who work illegally and their first job, we give them abolition … ”

If I ignore Novalić’s specific way of expression and the amount of unnecessary words and catchphrases, the message is clear – a new law on the prevention of work on the illegal work should be on the agenda of one of the next three sessions of the FBiH Government.

From his appearance in the show to this day, there were four sessions of the FBiH Government held. On the agenda of any of the four sessions there was no discussion on a new law on the prevention of undeclared work found.

What has happen, and what could have something to do with the law that the Prime Minister mentioned is the appointment of members of the working group for finding the right model for prevention of the gray economy in the area of labor relations and unregistered businesses and that took place on the 7th session of the FBiH Government, held on May 27th. The government, that way, determined the responsibility of the Working Group, which is that as soon as possible for the Government of FBiH to draft a proposal for the model (laws and secondary legislation) to stimulate first employment and the registration of unregistered businesses. The working group has been given a deadline of two weeks to submit to the Government with plan of their work.

From the above it can only be concluded that the FBiH Government is at very beginning to work on topics concerning the law that the prime minister mentioned; and that the law, given the dynamics of the Government and the crisis happening at the same time, there won’t be found soon on the agenda of its session, and therefore the Prime Minister gets “unfulfilled” rating for this promise.


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