HDZ Still hasn’t made up their mind on participation in FBiH Government

mate_franicevic“Anyone who claims that we didn’t want (to form the government), is spreading total disinformation. The fact is that in the past term, from 2010 onwards, HDZ has not participated in the executive power of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we all know why. Because of thegrossviolations of the rule of law and due to trampling of the federal Constitution as well as the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina by some powerful politicians, which all together moves us not just one, but many steps backwards.”, HDZ BiH’s Mato said during the debate in BHT 1 on Sep. 29th.


Althoug the election campaign is in its prime, it seems that the HDZ officials and candidates still can’t agree on a common position regarding the formation of the government of the Federation in current term. Thus, taking part in the electoral debate on BHT 1 on Monday, Sep. 29th, the HDZ candidate Mato Franjičević, stated the HDZ wanted to be part of the FBiH Government in its current session. This statement was diametrically opposed to the views recently expressed by the HDZ BiH leader, Dragan Čović.

At a HDZ event in Kupres, at the very beginning of the campaign, Dragan Čović said the party would not participate in the FBiH government, because, as he said, if they had, “they would not be able to talk about the rights of Croats in BiH today”:

“If, four years ago, we had agreed to participate in the Government of FBiH, we couldn’t now talk about protecting the rights of Croats in BiH, about the necessary amendments to the Constitution, about the changes in the Election Law and so on. Whoever would had said that we were only fighting for positions, would be right” said Čović back then.

Istinomjer recently evaluated this declaration as false, because Čovićhad announced the reconstruction of federal government and entering of the HDZ in the government of this entity, on several occasions since the establishment of the FBiH government in March 2011.

On the other hand, only a few days later, Mato Franjičević said the exact opposite, claiming that the HDZ wanted to participate in the government, but couldn’t because it was established in violation to the Constitution of FBiH. Moreover, Franjičević's statement began with the words “whoever said we didn’t want (to form government), is spreading total disinformation” – not knowing, apparently, that it was his party president who said that exact thing.

Therefore, taking into account that Franjičević and his party leader Čović were expressing different opinions, we can conclude that the views expressed during the TV show on Sep.29th, were utterly inconsistent.

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