Hadžić: No control over BiH airspace in this term

Hadžić-300x202Support from EUROCONTROL is a great encouragement for all of us who put the interests of BiH  first. Strong support from EUROCONTROL will surely enable easier transition to a new position where Bosnia and Herzegovina will take full control over providing the services of flying in its own airspace, all within deadlines that were set.

(FENA, 12.05.2014.)

Istinomjer repeatedly dealt with statements from the Minister of Communications and Transport, Damir Hadžić, about taking control of the airspace of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his promises that our country will soon have complete control over its skies were always unfulfilled.

According to the latest information, the Director General of EUROCONTROL, in a letter sent to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, wrote that he expects BiH to take control of the lower layer of the sky around 16th of October, and control over the entire airspace of our country in autumn/winter 2015/2016.

Minister Hadžić has previously announced that the control of the airspace will be taken  in April last year, and then in April of this year, but that did not happen.

The last time he spoke in public about this issue, in September last year, Damir Hadžić said that our country will take over the lower layer of the sky in March this year and that it will take complete control of the airspace in October this year.

However, from a letter which arrived from EUROCONTROL it’s obvious that all these announcements were premature and that BiH is expected to take control of only the lower layer of the sky in October this year.

Therefore, we can conclude that all the promises that minister Hadžić gave in this term related to taking control of airspace over Bosnia and Herzegovina, remained unfulfilled, and now we can determine with certainty that it will remain unfulfilled until the end of his term. On the other hand, his assertion that everything will be finalized within the given deadlines is absolutely false, given that, according to the previously set deadlines, BiH should’ve taken control of its airspace long ago.

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