FBiH Government taking the first step to reopen the National Museum of BiH

Salmir Kaplan
Salmir Kaplan

We were motivated by the employees calling us and complaining, they want to work. Yesterday, the Government (of FBiH) has adopted a Resolution that it will address the Council of Ministers for the last time and if, again, we don’t receive a reply, we will proceed to appoint the Steering board ourselves and undertake some temporary measures.

Salmir Kaplan, Minister of Culture and Sports of FBiH

(Fena, 10.04.2014.)


The National museum of BiH’s sealed doors have been a stain on BiH’s capital and a much debated topic for a while now. Problems faced by this museum are just one example of the state authorities’ indifference towards cultural institutions carrying the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Similar faith has already been faced by, or looms as a threat over, several other institutions, such as Art Gallery of BiH, the National Film Archive and the Museum of Literature of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the end of last year, Istinomjer has already covered the attempts of the federal government to solve this issue in cooperation with the state Ministry of civil affairs, which has remained silent to FBiH’s Governments efforts. After the state Minister of civil affairs, Sredoje Nović, has repeatedly ignored the appeals of his entity colleagues, federal Minister of culture and sports, Salmir Kaplan, announced that FBiH Government will take matters into its own hands and appoint the temporary Steering board to the Museum.

This is exactly what happened at Government of the Federation of BiH’s session held on April 28th, when Jakob Finci, President of Jewish Community in BiH and Srđa Hrisafović, Vice Dean for International Cooperation at the Academy of fine arts of Sarajevo University, were appointed as temporary Steering board members. Director Haris Pašović has been appointed as Steering board’s president.

By appointing the temporary Steering board for the National museum, FBiH Government has taken the first step to the final reopening of National museum of BiH. By doing so, it has also fulfilled a promise given by Salmir Kaplan, that Steering board will be appointed even in the case that Sredoje Nović and his ministry remain unresponsive on this issue.



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