What is Vibration Odds? Sharing How to Read and Play Unbeatable Vibration Odds

What is shaking odds? This question is often asked to Kubet by new soccer bettors. Although betting is quite popular, there are still many bettors who do not understand the rules. Therefore, Ku11 have created this article to guide and reinforce basic knowledge for new recruits.

What is shaking odds?

Vibrating odds is also known by another name Running Ball – an extremely famous form of online soccer betting. This rate is only posted on the website by the bookmaker when the match is still going on extremely fiercely.

In fact, shake odds are just a form of side soccer betting. However, the number of participating players is very large for the following reasons:

  • Betting doors appear suddenly, creating excitement and attraction for bettors to participate in sports betting.

  • Although it is only a side bet, the reward rate is not inferior to the main bet. If you have good perspective and judgment, it is very normal to earn huge profits.

  • After understanding what shaking bets are, there are many players who take advantage of this type of betting to make up for losses in the main betting system.

However, betting on Running Ball has never been considered easy by the experts. Therefore, new players need to be equipped with enough knowledge and experience to ensure that they do not face serious failure.

Learn about shake bets in soccer

What are the most common types of bets in shaking odds?

Currently, online soccer betting sites are opening up many forms of Running Ball for players to experience. New players should understand the following content carefully if they want to challenge themselves in shaking odds.

FT vibrating odds

In soccer betting, FT is the abbreviation for Full Time. This column will be the place containing the entire match odds. True to the nature of shake bets, betting parameters will be given by the house at any time within 90 minutes of the official match.

Vibrating odds HT

What is HT in shaking odds? In contrast to FT, HT is the abbreviation for the phrase Half Time. This column will contain the first half odds. That is, the Running Ball betting parameters will appear at any time within the first 45 minutes of the match and end immediately after the first half whistle.

Odds 300

According to experts, Odds 300 is a type of vibrating betting door that appears most frequently today. They are provided by the bookmaker with rates after the 20th minute and the results are returned immediately after the whistle to end the first half. Especially, if the match has a score of 1-0 or 2-0, the percentage of Odds 300 appearing is almost absolute.

Running corner

What is shaking corner betting? Instead of calculating the goal factor, the bookmaker will rely on the number of corner kicks to open bets. Normally, the over/under ratio will appear and the system will determine the winner or loser from the moment the bet is launched. The player's task is to predict whether the total valid left corner is greater or less than the parameters given by the online soccer betting site.

Top types of shaking odds that often appear at bookmakers

What is the experience to help new players win big in shaking bets?

Unlike the remaining side bets, Running Ball has never been considered easy to play by experts. Even experienced veterans must be cautious and evaluate carefully before participating. Therefore, rookies must remember the following tips carefully if they want to make decisions that will help them win easily.

Remember carefully the nature to check vibrations as soon as they appear

As you know what shaking bets are, this type of bet has a very surprising speed of appearing. New players need to clearly understand the nature of each type to evaluate and comment immediately. If you don't do this well, you will miss the opportunity to make huge money that the house has given you.

Apply tips shared by experts

When betting on Running Ball at an online soccer betting site, rookies should apply the following good tips:

  • Over/Under Running: If the first half only ends with 1 goal => bet strongly on the under bet. Conversely, if the first half ends with a total of over 2 goals => bet on over.

  • Running Handicap: What is the shaking handicap? This format is extremely difficult to access, forcing players to monitor how both teams enter the game from the start. If you are not sure about your decision, absolutely do not put money in recklessly.

  • Running Corner: Running Corner odds often appear in matches with strong attacking play from the sideline. You need to prepare yourself mentally to bet as soon as the house releases the odds.

The secret to playing Running Ball well from a master


Through the above content, we have compiled extremely complete information related to Kèo Rung Kubet. Hopefully these tips will help new recruits have good luck when participating in online soccer betting at Kubet.

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