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Handicap 1.0 is an attractive form of betting that has been sought after by many people recently. However, there are still some people who still have questions about this handicap. The article below Jun88 will share with you some basic information to explain what a handicap is? And how to play bets most effectively from the experts!

What is handicap 1.0?

Handicap 1.0 is also known as handicap 1 goal (result) in soccer betting. For those of you who are new to this betting game, we can understand that a handicap of 1.0 means that the underdog team has a one-goal lead over the overdog team by default. The level that is considered quite high is the 1-goal handicap when one needs 2 goals to be scored to bring a profit to the bettor. However, this odds also has the advantage of allowing you to play even if the team with the higher odds has a goal difference.

What is a 1.0 handicap?

In a soccer handicap, there will be two most basic forms: money handicap and left handicap. When handicapping, the most basic unit of calculation is ¼ left. We will take this basic handicap as the base, then the house will give a variety of different handicaps such as ¼ or it can be simply called half ball handicap or ½ handicap which is equal to the handicap bet. half a fruit.

Circumstances leading to a 1.0 handicap occur

The 1.0 handicap is understood to take place if the upper team is considered stronger in aspects such as strength and formation than the lower team, and will handicap the lower team by 1 goal. Then one of three cases will occur as follows:

The upper door wins

Case 1: If you bet on the favorite team, you will receive the full amount you bet on the favorite team if you win the bet based on a difference of 2 or more goals conceded. Besides, if you bet on the underdog team, you will lose.

Find out the cases in handicap 1.0

The lower door wins

Case 2: In case the match is considered a draw if the underdog team has conceded a goal. At that time, the house will automatically refund bets to both participants who bet on the upper team and the lower team.

The two teams drew

Case 3: You will lose all bets on the upper team if the handicap team and the handicapped team have no difference in score or if the underdog is ahead in any goal.

Experience for the most effective 1.0 Jun88 handicap betting

After knowing the reason for the one-shot handicap, you need to have the experience in hand to be able to win this one-shot handicap in the easiest way. This type of 1.0 handicap will take place if both teams have a large difference in the number of players. Therefore, to bet on this bet correctly, you need to analyze it carefully. Below are some shares about “extremely standard” 1.0 handicap betting from experts.

  • In case the upper team has the home field advantage, those participating in betting should boldly choose to bet on the handicap team.

  • Some ways to improve your odds of winning

  • When the home field advantage has been confirmed to belong to the underdog team, participating players need to quickly research the form, physical fitness and recent competition history of both teams (at least recent 5 matches).

  • Based on the competition rankings on the official rankings, players can easily compare and evaluate which team will have the best and most complete attacking play. And this is also the basis for you to rely on and determine which team you should bet on to score points and create spectacular breakthroughs. Therefore, there is no reason to refuse to bet on that team.

Experience playing handicap 1.0

  • In addition, researching the fluctuation of odds before the match takes place is also one of the experiences shared by many longtime soccer bettors. However, this is also a type of bet that many bookmakers are offering to choose players. Therefore, always keep yourself alert to be able to detect these tricks. For example, close to match time, if the handicap has decreased from one goal to ¾, you can change the direction of the bet to the underdog team.


Above is all the information related to handicap 1.0. Hopefully with the information that nhà cái Jun88 provides you about methods, experience and gameplay, you will have huge wins and improve your reasoning ability.


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