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OKVIP brand ambassador is considered one of the people who will have their own image to represent a certain brand. And especially for a top media entertainment company, it gets even more attention. Let”s find out what kind and stature OKVIP”s brand ambassador is.

Who is the OKVIP brand ambassador?

During the time this company built its career and developed until now, it has experienced countless outstanding representatives. Today we will update the newest representative with influence and stature who was selected as OKVIP Brand Ambassador below.

Introducing Roberto Carlos

Each representative image of a company is known and spread on social networks. For Roberto Carlos, who is he and what kind of person is he to be chosen? Please answer this question with us.

The OKVIP brand ambassador is named Roberto Carlos. He will become the brand”s representative face from May 2023. To be able to choose and make the decision to choose him as one of the representative faces is an extremely difficult decision.

He is a former Brazilian football player, he was born on April 10, 1973 in the countryside of Garcia, São Paulo. During the years of his outstanding career, Carlos was recognized as one of the best full-backs in history at that time.

Representative face

If you are a person who loves and is passionate about the king sport, then it is certainly not too strange to him. The public event about OKVIP brand ambassador Roberto has made gamers and his longtime loyal fans very surprised and excited.

This is considered a new step in building great opportunities for both you and your company. This will once again bring influence to both sides. This collaboration is an extremely exciting thing to look forward to.

Career of Roberto Carlos – OKVIP Brand Ambassador

This famous defender himself has a not-so-perfect body with a height of only 1m68. But when you really look at it, he is a real terror to thousands of people. Choosing him as OKVIP brand ambassador is absolutely correct.

He had a famous career when he wore many other jerseys for many world clubs. Every time he himself takes the field, Carlos always proves and shows that he is a must-have name if he wants to win and will absolutely be indispensable in the squad.

The former member of the club with the nickname White Vulture possesses an extremely shocking playing style, it is strong, always energetic, fierce, lightning fast and highly technical. In addition, he has a super classic event for himself: he scored an “unreal goal” that fans still remember to this day.

Roberto Carlos will have a collaboration with OKVIP

Accompanying and developing together between OKVIP Brand Ambassador Roberto Carlos and OKVIP is a happy cooperation, growing together. For the former famous player of the Brazilian team, it is considered one of the most correct steps

Roberto Carlos will have a collaboration with OKVIP

In addition, through collaborative campaigns, thể thao OKVIP also affirms its unique position with media entertainment games in the market. At the same time, this is also a meaningful cooperation to develop opportunities for the group to enhance the image and influence of the brand throughout the continent.


The OKVIP brand ambassador recognized a person with the right influence and stature for the media entertainment sector. Hopefully with this cooperation, both the company and the former player will develop more and more.


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