The bettor is the first to register a betting account on the system 78win01 will receive 78k experience. Below are the detailed contents of the 78win program giving 78k to members that you need to know.

Other attractive promotions of 78win

In addition to the 78win program giving 78k, you can also register to receive rewards from many other attractive promotions. Among them, we can mention programs that are easy to register and apply to most players such as:

  • Super first deposit bonus with bonus up to 100%. Applicable to new members depositing money into the house's betting account for the first time. In addition to the super first deposit bonus, you can also receive gifts from the 2nd deposit bonus program and the 3rd deposit bonus program. These are all easy to register programs with extremely attractive gifts from 78win.

  • Attendance program rewards players who actively log into the system of this online playground. The more consecutive days you check in, the higher the reward you will receive, up to a maximum of 15 days.

  • Giving 0.8% per deposit allows you to receive unlimited rewards. With this program, just create a valid deposit order and you will receive a gift from the house.

  • The mysterious gift program contains many surprises for players.

  • Birthday gifts for VIP guests (the higher the VIP, the greater the value of the gift).

  • The program provides feedback or good luck so you can contribute to the development of 78win and receive valuable gifts.

  • The program adds more friends, the more you refer, the bigger the reward,…

Experience to comfortably receive promotions from 78win

78win offers 78k is a very easy program to join. Other bookmaker promotions also have simple requirements and clear rules. But to receive the most bonuses, you need to grasp the following useful experiences:

Always follow to receive the latest promotional information

78win offers 78k is a long-term promotion on the system. This means that no matter what month of the year you register, you will have the opportunity to receive gifts from the program. You can use the 78k you receive to try out 78win's exciting reward games.

But not all promotions apply the operating mechanism of the 78win giveaway 78k event. Even many programs only last for a short time such as gift giving events at Christmas, Independence Day on September 2, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc. With these programs, if you don't close the opportunity, you have You can't miss it, you can't get the reward.

Therefore, the advice for promotion hunters on the 78win system is to actively monitor. You can update information on the official betting interface or website You can also follow the house's social media channels such as Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter to receive news about the latest promotions. Even when successfully following social networks, new players also receive attractive gifts from the house.


Now you know how to register to receive rewards from the khuyến mãi 78win program to give away 78k, right? In addition to the program for new players, you need to research the list of other attractive promotions of 78win.


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