Comments luongsontv said that Liverpool is currently one of the giants in English football as well as in Europe. Under the training of coach Jurgen, Liverpool has owned an extremely quality and competitive team. The player's playing technique is extremely intelligent. To understand more, please join us in learning through the article below!

Luongsontv's comments on the Liverpool football team

Luongsontv's comments on Liverpool football team

Commenting on Luongsontv's focus on developing players from within, an extremely important factor to consider at Luongsontv is the focus on training and development of internal players. A series of names like Alexander-Arnold, Curtis Jones,… have all been professionally trained, because this has helped them not have to spend large fees to find new players. That's why Liverpool is very careful in selecting players.

This will help Liverpool build a uniform and coordinated squad to maximize the collective strength. Instead of just putting money into superstars, they will invest more in teams.

With this smart investment strategy, Liverpool has built a very high quality squad for itself. Because of this, it has helped them achieve a lot of success on the field while also being able to protect their investment capital.

Liverpool contracts

Liverpool's contract

In the content below, Luongson will introduce Liverpool's creative betting plan, which has implemented many smart transfer contracts, which has helped them build an extremely talented team. as strong as now.

Mo Salah

Mo Salah has joined Liverpool as a player who owns AS Roma for a transfer price of 43 million euros. With this report, the price is quite soft compared to the real value. Thanks to that, Liverpool has got themselves one of the most perfect strikers

Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane also came to Liverpool as a player for a fee of 34 million euros. This is also considered a pretty good price for a player of Mane's caliber

Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian volunteer only cost Liverpool a fee of 29 million euros. In fact, he played perfectly and contributed a lot to Liverpool over the years

Virgil Van Dijk

Only a fee of 75 million euros for midfielder Virgil Van Dijk from Southampton is considered reasonable for the number one defender in the world.

Alisson Becker

Goalkeeper Alisson Becker joined Liverpool as a goalkeeper for 62 million euros, much cheaper than other global goalkeepers, but his quality is not inferior to anyone else.

Liverpool players' advantages compared to other players

Liverpool's advantage compared to other players

Comments luongsontv found that Liverpool has smart speculative strategies, the players have and are possessing advantages over other players in the Premier League. They do not waste money on expensive contracts, instead they invest in a balanced focus on the whole team.

And build yourself a uniform squad that doesn't depend too much on individual squads. Give yourself stability in your financial resources, without being forced by management to spend lavishly.

To maintain Liverlook's success, what do you need to keep in mind?

  • Invest smartly in players, avoid spending wastefully on expensive players

  • Ensuring a supply of players with training tips to find potential goals for themselves

  • Continue to maintain today's style of play so that Liverpool's players are not shaken.


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