Revealing the technique of fighting chickens with poisonous blows and death spots on the body

The moves to knock out opponents are also known as poison fighting cocks. These are classic moves that combine many factors to quickly defeat opponents. Below are the tricks revealed by experts, you absolutely should not ignore them. Register for New88 today.

Overview of cock fighting with poison blows

Poisonous blows, also known as fatal blows, are used by fighting cocks as a special technique. This behavior is not too encouraged in an entertainment sport, however in major tournaments this has helped increase the excitement and attractiveness of the match.

Depending on the training method, each cock will have its own moves, equipped for big matches. But in general, these techniques will be developed based on the advantages that the chicken has.

Great moves

Revealing extremely dangerous cockfighting techniques

Below are extremely unique cockfighting moves from experts that players can refer to.

  • Stone fighting: this is one of the poisonous chicken fighting moves that uses the fatal power from the legs. The rock kick will hit the left side straight into the opponent's face, the target in dangerous positions such as the nose, eyes or throat. If highly accurate this attack can cause serious damage that is difficult to recover, in some cases Other cases can cause death.

  • Body throwing kick: this is a long distance kick that helps the rooster throw blows that make the opponent unable to react. When hit by this poisonous attack, the cock will quickly become dizzy, lose balance, and not have time to react to the next blows, leading to a quick defeat.

  • Continuous fighting style: with this dangerous attack, the cock needs to have physical strength and strong muscles to be able to use his wings and fight continuously with the most flexibility. In cockfighting fights with iron spurs, small iron gates can instantly blind, pierce deeply or tear across the opponent's body.

Side kick: using the claws as the center, the cock will target dangerous positions such as the throat, eyes,…causing great damage, causing the opponent to stop the fight immediately. This is a unique chicken fighting technique with extremely high damage and difficulty.

Revealing tricks from masters

Dangerous positions best promote unique cock fighting moves

The dangerous position is also known as the death zone where just hitting correctly will cause the opponent to lose consciousness immediately. This is the pinnacle of applying techniques that everyone wants to achieve.

Below are the basic positions used to overwhelm the opponent, which the counters can refer to:

  • Head: this is the most important space on the body, any position when hit accurately will cause serious injury and have to stop the match immediately. Especially locations such as the eyes, pharynx, etc. need even more attention.

  • Throat area: the neck can be extremely dangerous and can immediately cause throat cord breakage, neck fractures, etc. In cockfighting matches with knife and iron spurs, these cases have occurred, causing The cock to die immediately.

  • Body area: need to pay attention to parts such as fishing floats, kite bulbs, cavalry horses,….


Chicken fighting poison – dangerous, extremely damaging moves of fighting cocks. If you can practice the techniques fluently, your fighting cock will definitely become unbeatable. Above is the accurate information provided to players in the hope that they will maximize their benefits. Visit New88 at today.

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