New88 Terms of Service – Regulations members need to know

New88 Terms of Service are designed to ensure players can protect their rights when participating in activities such as registering, participating in betting, making deposits/withdrawals and participating in promotions. . Below are the specific regulations that New88 applies to its members.

Briefly learn about New88's terms of service

The terms established by the bookmaker are clear instructions for players on what actions are allowed and not allowed when using the service at New88.

What are New88's terms of service?

The Terms of Service summarize all New88 link regulations that all players must read and fully comply with. Anyone violating these regulations will be subject to a penalty and may lose benefits if a violation is discovered.

General terms of players' accounts at bookmaker New88

New88's terms of service regarding members' accounts at this bookmaker include the following:

Bookmaker's terms of service regarding New88 registration conditions

To become a member of New88 and participate in online betting activities, players must meet the following requirements:

  • New88 Terms of Service regarding age: Players must be 18 years of age or older and have full civil and criminal capacity.

  • Finance: Players need to be financially ready to participate in online betting games.

  • Equipment: Make sure to have electronic devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones… to register an account and participate in recreational betting at this game portal.

Terms regarding gamer account information

To open an online betting account, players must provide personal information to the bookmaker according to the following terms:

  • All information that players provide when registering for a New88 account must be completely accurate and must match the information on personal documents such as birth certificates and citizen identification cards.

  • The information provided when registering an account must be the same as the bank account information that will be used for deposits and withdrawals. If there is a mismatch, New88 has the right to request information verification.

Terms of gamers' accounts at New88 bookmaker

Each gamer can only register one account at New88 playground. If the bookmaker discovers that a user has two or more accounts, the bookmaker has the right to block one or all of that person's betting accounts.

Terms of Service New88 participates in betting activities

When participating in online betting at New88, bettors need to comply with the following regulations:

  • Do not use any software or tools to cheat during the betting process. This behavior will affect the fairness of the game and may be strictly handled by the house, including permanent account blocking to prevent bonus withdrawals.

  • When placing bets, players need to pay attention to the terms of the minimum amount per bet. Each game may have different minimum bets, so players need to pay special attention.

  • It should be remembered that some games may limit the betting time, if the time runs out and the player does not make a decision, they will be considered to have missed their turn.


Although the New88 terms of service are quite long, they are not too complicated to remember. Players need to carefully read and comply with all regulations to ensure a safe, fair and transparent betting environment when betting at the New88 online homepage. See khuyến mãi New88 at here.

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