Disclaimer New88: Cases you need to understand

New88 Disclaimer Policy covers important terms and regulations that players need to understand when participating in betting activities. Can it be considered that this is an adequate protection of the rights and responsibilities of players? Details about this information will be revealed through the content of this article.

Regulations on New88 liability disclaimer policy

Regulations on New88 liability disclaimer policy

The house has developed clear regulations on New88 liability exemption, to help members clearly understand their obligations and responsibilities. This policy is applied comprehensively on all platforms, including websites, mobile applications and other services that New88 is providing.

The rules updated by New88 are not complicated, ensuring that players do not have difficulty reading and understanding the information. This information is expressed in the terms and conditions when registering an account, giving players the opportunity to carefully read and understand before starting to use the service.

The reason for establishing New88's liability exemption policy is because the system has set regulations and warnings, however, some subjects still intentionally violate it. In case the account is permanently deleted or the subject violates local laws, they will be solely responsible and New88 cannot intervene.

Content of New88's disclaimer policy

Content of New88's disclaimer policy

To clarify the reason New88 had to establish a liability policy, below is a summary of some important points:

Lost account

In New88's terms and conditions, it is stated that the house will not be responsible for lost accounts in the following cases:

  • Players access fake or unsafe links.

  • Providing personal information to third parties.

  • Providing fake or unofficial account information.

  • The system is only responsible for assisting players in recovering their accounts by sending passwords via SMS or Gmail. In case a member intentionally violates and then makes a complaint, New88 will not resolve it.

Access the virtual link

According to New88's liability policy, if a player is not careful and falls into a scam trap, chooses the wrong link or clicks on a fake link leading to losing their account, New88 will consider removing their membership. because these actions affect the safety of New88. In this case, the house will not set up an association/group about New88.

Unofficial information

Right from registering an account, players must provide full owner information. If a member provides fake or unauthorized information, New88 will not be responsible and will not resolve issues related to this account. The account will be permanently locked, and the money in the account will be withheld according to New88's liability policy.

Enough 18 years old

Although the online betting platform is open to anyone using an internet-connected device, New88 only accepts members over 18 years old to participate. If a violation of this regulation is discovered, the house will immediately freeze the account and seal the money therein, with no refund.

No IP address

New88 is not responsible for members who do not have an IP address in the country in which they live and operate. Because it is headquartered in the Philippines, New88 cannot control approval to participate in online betting from the player's country. In the event that a player fails to comply and violates this regulation, and is subsequently sanctioned by the national government, the bookmaker will not intervene. This is an important part of New88's liability policy.

Feedback from third parties

New88 is not responsible for issues resulting from third party feedback. For business purposes in the betting field, bookmakers must cooperate with game providers and banks. In case the player cannot withdraw money due to bank maintenance, New88 waives responsibility because they cannot resolve this issue.

Right to change policies

New88's liability policy states that the bookmaker reserves the right to terminate or change any of its services without prior notice to members. New88 is not responsible for any changes related to the altered service or any disputes arising from such changes.


Above is detailed information about New88's liability policy that players need to understand. We hope that sharing this useful information will help you better understand the online betting environment and have a comprehensive view when participating. Visit blog new88 today.

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